TOP 10 Classical Ballet Companies

Top of the Ballet World

All rankings are subjective but first in mind I am thinking of the TOP 6  which have been internationally famous for decades and are the most common ones. These ballet companies are considered as such because they have a Ballet School, a repertoire,  a great corps, and have survived more than one director.

What do you think? Which company you love most?

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I feel naked on stage

Rainer Krenstetter, principal dancer of the Miami City Ballet talks about his experiences in the US

Back when Rainer Krenstetter was a member of the ballet company of Staatsballett Berlin, I often had the opportunity to watch him perform. I was completely fascinated by his brilliant technique and elegance, and I will never forget Béjart’s masterpiece “RING UM DEN RING”, where Rainer delivered an outstanding performance in the role of Loge.

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Swan Lake has taken 4 years of patience

Interview with Li Cunxin, Artistic Director of the Queensland Ballet, also known as Mao’s Last Dancer

Everybody knowns the story of Mao’s Last Dancer but not everyone is aware of his current career as the Artistic Director of the Queensland Ballet. I was lucky to get the opportunity to talk to him about the new production of Swan Lake. Then I was invited to watch a rehearsal which I really loved. It was heartbreaking!

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TOP SWAN LAKE interpretations

What is YOUR favorite?

If you want to see the ballet SWAN LAKE, better check first what interpretation will be shown. There are so many different versions. Almost every choreographer has done his own ballet. It is up to you. Watch youtube-Videos and accompanying descriptions.

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What is your favourite pas de deux?

Here are 5 trailers of the favourite Royal ballet pas de deux.

I am interested what are yours. Please tell me. Mine is definetely the Black Swan Pas de Deux By POLINA SEMIONOVA and FRIEDEMANN VOGEL.

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Review: Ratmansky‘s Reconstruction of Swan Lake – Better? Different?

Opening night at the Opera Zurich on 6. February 2016

As much as I like the performance of the Zurich Ballet, ballet lovers may be confused by the steps and dancing. In the old days, ballet had different standards as we are now used to. It was all about conveying a story – meaning a lot of acting, and less jumps and footwork. Even the most famous of arm movements were not shown. I really missed seeing these beautiful swan-like movements.

IMG_6724 (1).jpgFoto by Gegory Batardon

Ratmansky’s swans however are more like girls. Odette plays the part of a young lady who falls in love, and is shocked after her lovers betrayal. I must say, I like this performance a lot – stunning setting, awesome costumes, great pantomime, brilliant principal dancers, perfect corps de ballet, however I still prefer the quality of dance that we have today.

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Schwanensee im Original: Früher war alles anders

Schwanensee rekonstruiert von Alexei Ratmansky für das Ballett Zürich

Das Zürcher Ballett zeigt die Originalversion von Schwanensee, die der Star-Choreograf Alexei Ratmansky in mühevoller Kleinarbeit rekonstruiert hat. Schwanensee wird in der Erstfassung von Marius Petipa und Lew Iwanow aus dem Jahr 1895 aufgeführt.

Meine Empfehlung: SEHENSWERT!
Wer aber einen klassischen Schwanensee auf höchstem technischen Niveau mit Schwanenarmen und Querspagat erwartet, wird enttäuscht werden. Die Originalfassung basiert auf Gestik, die Tanzbewegungen sind reduziert, dafür gibt es wunderbare Massenszenen mit tollen Kostümen, Fantasie und Emotionen.

IMG_6723.jpgFoto von Gregory Batardon

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