TOP 10 Classical Ballet Companies

Top of the Ballet World

All rankings are subjective but first in mind I am thinking of the TOP 6  which have been internationally famous for decades and are the most common ones. These ballet companies are considered as such because they have a Ballet School, a repertoire,  a great corps, and have survived more than one director.

What do you think? Which company you love most?

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Love or Desire?

“Anna Karenina” as a Ballet by 5 Famous Choreographers

Most people have heard of the movie “Anna Karenina”, starring Keira Knightley as the lead role, directed by Joe Wright and adapted by Tom Stoppard. Based on a novel by Leo Tolstoy, “Anne Karenina” is very popular in the ballet world right now. I have the feeling that every year brings a new interpretation of Tolstoy’s touching drama, all of which are different but all worth watching. Enjoy the trailers!
Please tell me which one you liked the most!

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Dance Festivals in der Sommerpause

Ballett – und Tanz Highlights im Sommer 2017

Ab Anfang Juli schliessen die meisten Opernhäuser und machen Sommerpause  – meist bis Anfang September. Das ist eine harte Zeit für Ballettliebhaber. Aber es gibt einige Highlights, die ich Euch gerne vorstellen möchte.

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Beseelte Körper und eine Intrigantin

Corpus – gleich 2 Uraufführungen am Opernhaus Zürich

Ballettdirektor Christian Spuck ermunterte Filipe Portugal und Douglas Lee, zwei zeitgenössische 40-minütige Ballette zur Musik des Orchestra La Scintilla zu choreografieren.  Die beiden Künstler liessen sich durch das Thema Barock inspirieren. Geschickt transformierten sie barocke Elemente ins 21. Jahrhundert.

Ein ganz grosses Kompliment an das Ballett Zürich, das durch seine Virtuosität gewaltig beeindruckte. Doch Tanz lebt nicht nur von der Bewegung. Er braucht auch Seele, so dass ein Spiel von Körpern, Gefühl und Leidenschaft entsteht, das das Publikum berührt. All dies konnte die Ballettcompagnie des Opernhauses wieder einmal szenisch wunderbar präsentieren.

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Swan Lake has taken 4 years of patience

Interview with Li Cunxin, Artistic Director of the Queensland Ballet, also known as Mao’s Last Dancer

Everybody knowns the story of Mao’s Last Dancer but not everyone is aware of his current career as the Artistic Director of the Queensland Ballet. I was lucky to get the opportunity to talk to him about the new production of Swan Lake. Then I was invited to watch a rehearsal which I really loved. It was heartbreaking!

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News from Polina

Star Ballerina Polina Semionova’s Comeback

Polina returns to the stage after a year of maternity leave. Her first performance takes place on the 26th April 2017 at Staatsballett Berlin. After this performance she will be awarded the prestigious title of “Berliner Kammertänzerin”. Good luck!

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Back to the barre, Tara!

Premier of Dance Academy: The Movie on 6. April 2017

I can’t wait to watch this movie – though being over 20, I probably shouldn’t be this passionate for an Australian teen drama about love, relationships and careers. But there are two understandable reasons: I love Sydney, so I enjoy the setting and scenery of Walsh Bay, Harbour Bridge and the beaches. Secondly, I adore the dance scenes which feature all the highlights of classical ballet and comtemporary dance.

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